The following Webinars are currently available:

Webinar “All you need to know about the performance of Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System” - 3rd March 2021

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) provide services to billions of users around the world for various applications. This has resulted in the need for monitoring the performance of GNSS as part of the service provision under responsibility of the service provider or as part of the need of specific users’ groups.?


This webinar will introduce:

  • ?the Galileo programme needs for performance monitoring
  • ?the Galileo services as defined in service definition documents (SDD)
  • the Minimum Performance Levels (MPLs), the SDD presents the targets for services and defines the conditions under which such MPLs can be reached
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the performance
  • publicly available data, products and tools which can be used for GNSS monitoring
  • a set of monitoring and assessment guidelines for the implementation of a solution able to monitor the Galileo system performance based on publicly available data, products, and tools.

Draft agenda is available here.

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Webinar : Entrepreneurship day - 2nd March 2021

Through different prizes and competitions such as GSA's MyGalileoSolution and MyGalileoDrone, the GSA is supporting and guiding a new generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups to ensure EUSpace is enabling the creation of innovative applications and solutions to respond to current and future challenges.

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Online Information Session: Call for tenders “Support Services for the EU Space GSA/OP/05/20” - 5th February 2021

The GSA is organising a webinar on 05 February 2021, from 10:00 to 12:00 to present and provide further information with respect to the ongoing procurement for Support Services for the EU Space Programme GSA/OP/05/20, published on the Official Journal of the European Union on 20/01/21 (OJ/S S13 20/01/2021 26519-2021-EN).

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Updated: Feb 01, 2021