Next generation EU Space apps pitching at EUSW Investors Forum

21 December 2020
EUSW Investors Forum brought innovative space start-ups together with investors
EUSW Investors Forum brought innovative space start-ups together with investors

One of the highlights of Day 3 of European Space Week was the Investors Forum, which brought start-ups/SMEs from a wide range of business backgrounds together with investors interested in innovative EU space technology. In total, 10 start-ups presented their ideas to the panel of investors.

Organised by the European GNSS Agency, the Investors Forum gave the opportunity to ten start-ups to pitch their ideas and prototypes to a panel of leading investors. There is an increasing demand for smart space-based applications to respond to current and future market needs, and global challenges.

Introducing the Forum, Christoph Kautz from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space said that the EU’s ambition is to support the creation of a European New Space segment consisting of markets with paying customers in which private investors fund expansion. He urged the start-ups, private and institutional partners to be ambitious.

Ten innovative ideas

Dcubed: This project’s mission is to accelerate the utilisation of space through the creation of innovative and user-friendly technologies. It develops products, such as actuators, with the specific needs of New Space customers in mind. Dcubed is looking for a partner that thinks that new space is the future and sees potential in Europe to compete with the US. For more info:

Planblue believes that threats posed to nature and society, by climate change or plastic pollution for example, need to be tackled and understood using real-time, objective and automated tools. This is what the company provides with its technology. They are looking for a partner that shares the same desire to achieve the greater good and to tackle big problems. For more info:

iCaune’s DRACONAV solution is a fully integrated and secure multi-GNSS module designed to provide confidence and improve resilience in the position, velocity and time computed from satellite navigation systems. From an investor they are looking to accelerate business and marketing development, and receive help in financing R&D and recruiting new technical staff. For more information:

Vake is a ship tracking system that can be used to fight illegal fishing and smuggling. When navigational messages get lost, scrambled or switched off, Vake can verify a ship’s position and movements using satellite images and by running "face" recognition algorithms to identify a ship. They are looking for an investor with experience in offshore assets, who can build their network and provide advice on the way forward. For more information:

Ansur produces innovative software solutions that optimise bandwidth use when communicating photos and videos, giving fast and precise communication of critical visual information in challenging situations, making it possible to save lives. From an investor, they are looking for advice and networks - someone that can contribute to company growth with more than funding. For more information:

EPIC Blue has developed a wearable – Shyn – that offers reliable positioning both indoors and outdoors, even if GNSS is unavailable. It can be used by first responders or in industry, to locate people indoors or to increase awareness of closeness to hazards. From an investor they are looking for know-how to accelerate business development and increase their international footprint. For more information:

Angsa Robotics has developed Germany’s first autonomous trash collection robot, which collects small pieces of rubbish left on grass or gravel, such as bottle caps or cigarette butts, that would otherwise cause ecological and economic problems. They are looking for an investor that shares their vision for a sustainable and successful high-tech company, and their principles of meaningful and impactful work. For more information:

Deep Blue Globe is a start-up providing a solution for autonomous maritime navigation powered by artificial intelligence and using data on real time maritime traffic and weather conditions. Its Polaris service aims to help polar fisheries optimise navigation routes and identify the best fishing grounds using Earth observation, GNSS and historical catch data. They are looking for an investor involved in the maritime sector to give them the final push to enter a European market worth more than EUR 1 billion. For more information:

Breeze Technologies develops small-scale air quality sensors that can measure common pollutants like carbon and nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and many more. It can benefit the chronically ill, asthmatics, parents with young children, or runners looking for pollution-free routes. They are looking for an investor that shares their vision to create healthier more liveable cities. For more information:

Village Data Analytics (VIDA) is an Earth observation and AI-powered custom software that enables data-driven investment, business and policy decisions in rural villages in Africa and Asia. By increasing transparency, it reduces the risk of investment in remote areas. They are looking for an investor that will help them to prioritise market opportunities and invest in new technology development and market scale-up. For more information:

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Updated: Dec 22, 2020



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