Location Based Services (LBS) in action

The first Galileo-enabled PLB featuring the Return Link Service is available in 18 European countries

Happy birthday Galileo Search And Rescue (SAR) Return Link Service!

25 January 2021
A year after declared operational, the Galileo Return Link Service has been exceeding the performance levels committed in the SAR/Galileo Service Definition Document. With the recent upgrade in its European ground facilities, Galileo SAR is leading the way as an important component of the International Cospas-Sarsat Programme.
From Prague to Madrid, GNSS is supporting the smart transport solutions of the future.

Prague starts testing GNSS solution to improve road transport

21 January 2021
As cities strive to make their transport systems more efficient and user-friendly, they are increasingly turning to GNSS-based solutions. The Czech capital Prague, which has already leveraged GNSS to modernise its tram fleet, is now turning to a Galileo-enabled solution to improve drivers’ experience in the city’s road tunnels.
The contest targets location-based solutions leveraging Galileo for positioning, navigation and/or timing

#MyGalileoSolution projects selected for acceleration

06 January 2021
We have kept you waiting long enough! The projects selected for acceleration in Track 1 and Track 2 of the #MyGalileoSolution competition have been confirmed. The 30 Track 1 projects and the 20 selected for Track 2 were chosen from over 200 applications and will share the almost EUR 1.5-million prize pool.
EUSW Investors Forum brought innovative space start-ups together with investors

Next generation EU Space apps pitching at EUSW Investors Forum

21 December 2020
One of the highlights of Day 3 of European Space Week was the Investors Forum, which brought start-ups/SMEs from a wide range of business backgrounds together with investors interested in innovative EU space technology. In total, 10 start-ups presented their ideas to the panel of investors.

The Galileo Search and Rescue ground facilities are now upgraded for MEOSAR Full Operational Capability performance

18 December 2020
The latest upgrades carried out on the SAR/Galileo Local User Terminals of Spain, Cyprus and Norway, earlier in the summer are helping the International COSPAS-SARSAT Programme transition towards MEOSAR completion.
Give us your feedback and help shape the Galileo and EGNOS services of the future

Let us have your feedback on Galileo/EGNOS – User satisfaction survey launched

14 December 2020
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is launching the 2020 editions of its Galileo User Satisfaction Survey and EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey. These surveys play an important role in the evolution of the EGNSS programmes by feeding users’ needs and requirements into programme development.
Galileo Masters delivers forward-thinking space applications for future generations

Angsa Robotics wins overall prize in Galileo Masters 2020

09 December 2020
Angsa Robotics has won the overall prize in the Galileo Masters 2020 with “Clive,” Germany’s first autonomous trash collection robot, which collects small pieces of rubbish left on grass or gravel that would otherwise cause ecological and economic problems.
UCP feedback will help improve current services and shape future service developments

High accuracy and synergies in focus at UCP

08 December 2020
European Space Week 2020 kicked off on Monday 7 December with the User Consultation Platform (UCP) plenary, where users from different market segments presented the results of work carried out during the UCP over the previous week. Copernicus users were included in the UCP for the first time, and possible services and applications arising from synergies between Copernicus and Galileo were very much in focus.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to shape the future of EU Space

UCP: your chance to shape the future of the EU Space Programme services

26 November 2020
The 3rd edition of the User Consultation Platform (UCP) for the European Space Programme will take place on 1-2 December, ahead of European Space Week 2020. This is a unique opportunity for the rapidly expanding community of space tech users to inform the organisations and institutions that oversee the programme of their experience and requirements, helping to shape the future evolution of the system. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say – register now.
30 shortlisted projects were selected based on their level of innovation, market potential, technical feasibility and the extent to which they leverage Galileo.

The names of the #MyGalileoDrone semifinalists are in!

06 November 2020
The European GNSS Agency’s (GSA) #MyGalileoDrone competition has kept the drone and GNSS community on their toes long enough, it is time to reveal the names of the most innovative projects that made it through the first selection.
With HERE HD GNSS Positioning drivers can enjoy accurate lane-level navigation to take the right highway exit

Precise Point Positioning opens up new possibilities for mass market applications

03 November 2020
Precise Point Positioning is becoming an attractive alternative technique to RTK, removing GNSS system errors to provide global high accuracy positioning, HERE has recently introduced the service HERE HD GNSS Positioning, a cloud-based service that provides sub-meter positioning for devices equipped with GNSS receivers.
Ten teams met virtually to take part in an action-packed, two-day bootcamp.

The three-month virtual sprint for Point IoT finalists is on!

29 October 2020
The 10 teams of H2020 funded Point IoT project are now into phase II, a three-month virtual sprint with one-on-one coaching from industry experts to ensure the solutions are both technically robust and strategically positioned for market success.
The User Consultation Platform (UCP) is a biennial event involving a wide range of users from 12 different market segments.

Registrations for the 3rd User Consultation Platform are now open: it’s your chance to shape next-generation space applications.

27 October 2020
The EU Space Programme is evolving and so are the needs and requirements of its user community. The 3rd edition of the User Consultation Platform (UCP) will be held on 1-2 December 2020 as part of the preparatory phase of the 2020 European Space Week. The Consultation is open to user communities, industries, service providers and R&D leveraging space for the creation of applications, businesses, and innovation.
The global conference showcased next-gen technologies, produced 8 300 minutes of content and connected hundreds of companies, investors and start-ups from 71 countries.

Virtual Infoshare 2020: EGNSS at the core of the space-tech entrepreneurship

20 October 2020
Infoshare, the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe went virtual and global this year, with more than 7500 participants joining the online streaming. The GSA joined both the virtual exhibition and the start-up expo, together with eight European start-ups showcasing their innovative EGNSS-based solutions
The full GNSS User Technology Report 2020 is available for download

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) releases the 3rd GNSS User Technology Report

19 October 2020
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has just released its latest GNSS User Technology Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of latest GNSS trends and developments. With four Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) available and more than 100 satellites in operation broadcasting multiple frequencies, the GNSS industry is shifting towards the wide adoption of multifrequency receivers across market segments to meet the diverging user needs of emerging applications.


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