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Grants are direct financial contributions to finance either an action intended to help achieve an objective forming part of a European Union policy or the functioning of a body which pursues an aim of general European interest or has an objective forming part of a European Union policy.

Pursuant to the Delegation agreements from the European Commission GSA may award grants funded under GNSS and H2020 programmes. This page is exclusively dedicated to grants financed under GNSS policy. For H2020 funding please consult the H2020 page.

Each year GSA publishes an Annual Grants Plan , including information on grants that are going to be awarded during the year: the objectives, the schedule of the call for proposal(s) with the indicative amount and the expected results and award criteria to be used to select the proposals.

The submission of proposals is only possible upon publication of call of proposals that include all the necessary information to introduce an application.

Annual Grants Plan

This section of the website provides information about calls for proposals launched by the GSA in the field of GNSS.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020