How do I access EDAS?

In order to access EDAS one must first register and be approved:

  1. Read the Conditions of Use
  2. Download the free Information Package
  3. Create an EDAS User support account
  4. Submit your EDAS application

Following approval, you will be given full access to the EDAS Helpdesk, client software and support. The dedicated EDAS Helpdesk is your one-stop shop for all your EDAS-related questions, connection support, downloads and requests.

Upon approval, you can access EDAS by:

  • Internet connection that allows full transmission of all data on best-effort basis (no latency and data integrity guarantee)
  • Higher performance point-to-point (PTP) direct link to the EDAS server based on, for example, MPLS or Frame relay (user assumes cost of the link)

The standard and easiest way to access EDAS data is over the Internet. By simply downloading the client software, you can receive EDAS through a typical broadband Internet connection with the following specifications:

  • ASN.1 format service requires 600kb/s
  • RTCM format service requires 300kb/s
  • Both formats can be received at 900kb/s

It is possible to obtain a dedicated faster connection. This involves a fixed line solution providing a dedicated line for each user. The costs for introducing the fixed line solution to EDAS must to be covered by the user, but the EDAS Helpdesk will provide assistance and support in setting up the connection.

Updated: Aug 23, 2016