GSA Quality Policy

The European GNSS Agency is establishing a fully operational Galileo System and maintaining a fully operational EGNOS System. The GSA’s mission is to support European Union objectives and achieve the highest return on this European GNSS investment, in terms of benefits to users and economic growth and competitiveness.

This Quality policy commits the GSA to:

  • Designing and enabling services that fully respond to user needs, while continually improving the European GNSS services and infrastructure;
  • Managing the provision of quality services that ensure user satisfaction in the most cost-efficient manner;
  • Engaging market interested parties to develop innovative and effective applications, value-added services and user technology that promote the achievement of full European GNSS adoption;
  • Ensuring that European GNSS services and operations are thoroughly secure, safe and accessible.

The commitment of the GSA to the achievement of its Quality Objectives is demonstrated by an Integrated Management System that enables the GSA to:

  • Consistently provide services that meet stakeholder and regulatory requirements;
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by overseeing the effective use and development of the Galileo and EGNOS systems;
  • Prevent Non-Conformities by continually improving both systems;
  • Address the risks and opportunities pertinent to the goals of the GSA Mission;
  • Deploy, integrate and maintain the required quality management processes.

The management team will be responsible for assuring that through the Integrated Management System the GSA:

  • Ensures compliance with the International Standard ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems [AD-01], in conjunction with the Internal Control Standards of the European Commission [AD-02];
  • Implements continual improvement of the effectiveness of its Management processes in order to achieve its Quality Objectives;
  • Involves the participation of all employees to guarantee success.

Thereby the GSA will provide a high quality, professional and efficient service ensuring the satisfaction of all of the European Union requirements.

The achievement of GSA’s mission is guided by its corporate values, which serve as a compass for all the implemented actions:

  • Quality: what we do, we do well;
  • Integrity: honesty and transparency in all activities;
  • Service: commitment to customer needs;
  • Excellence: focus on competence and continual improvement;
  • Teamwork: we work as one to get things done;
  • Respect: for people and the environment;
  • Gender Equality: equal opportunities for all.

Extract from GSA Quality Policy (IMS Manual)


1?Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of coordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with the objective of continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance.

Updated: Oct 15, 2019