GSA Identity

GSA Graphic Identity Information

Official name: European GNSS Agency

Acronym: GSA

GSA logo

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?GSA logo graphic chart (EN)

?GSA logo graphic chart (FR)

EGNOS logo

EU logo

The GSA logo should be accompanied when possible with the European Union flag.?However, except for benificiaries and contractors of?GSA-EU grant agreements and contracts, its use requires prior authorisation by the European Commission/Secretariat General. Requests shall be sent to EC/SG Directorate E-1 (Institutional Matters) at? further information on the use of the European Union flag,?please contact GSA Legal Departement: at To download the EU logo in various formats, go to:

EC logo

For the use of the EC logo please consult the following EC guidelines: The visual identity of the European Commission.

Updated: Oct 21, 2020